cellRESET Metabolism
The natural program for your metabolism

cellRESET is a metabolism boosting change in diet with the aim to bring the body back into his natural balance and sustainably developing its full potential. The cellRESET program is much more than a usual diet, it is easy to follow, it is fun and verifiably proves to be extremely effective.

The cellRESET concept wants to adapt nutrition perfectly to the needs of the body, that it can be healthier, fitter and increasingly powerful. The positive “side-effect” is that you can easily, sustainably and effectively lose weight without feeling hungry.

Everyone who is interested in the results should look at the success stories 1.632 of our users and can browse though 2.568 pictures from the cellRESET community. Success stories

To give you a quick overview what cellRESET is about, please click on this link: Kurzüberblick

If you want to focus on the basics of cellRESET, you will find a summary here: Basics

Everyone reading on at this point will learn what the cellRESET program stands for:

  • Healthy and successful

    The program supports our body to stay in balance and was tested already over 85.000 times. 3,000 happy users have shared their success in pictures.

    The holistic successful concept of cellRESET is the following:
    Avoid any disturbance of bodily and ensure the optimal supply, to not only fight symptoms but also prevent them in a natural way. This also can also increase the physical and mental performance.

    Our usual daily nutrition strongly promotes widespread diseases, overweight and lack of energy. diet related diseases

    cellRESET follows a hundred year old principle:
    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
    Hippocrates of Kos (460 – c. 370 BC)

    The holistic approach is that the body regulates its complex processes optimally itself, if it is not disturbed by unbalanced nutrition, environmental impacts or deficient supply.

    Therefore cellRESET is focused on:

    • Elimination of sugar dependence (carbohydrate dependence) and insulin resistance,
    • Salt reduction,
    • Balanced ingestion of fatty acids and
    • Optimal supply with protein, vital substances and water

    The Basics About Nutrients

    Based on current scientific findings an optimally working metabolism, balanced hormonal level and efficient elimination of waste substances is established through easy-to-do measures.

    Our more than 85.000 happy and successful users report of sustainable improvement and even the cessation of disease symptoms diet related diseases, reduction in medication and weight reduction with simultaneous tightening of tissue. This is shown in 3,000 personal pictures.. User success stories The sustainable change of diet and efficient detoxification can furthermore prevent a yo-yo-effect. Differences to a calorie based diet

    To ensure the health of our users at best, all given data can anonymously be monitored for any risks. In case of participation in our current international university study, an evaluation by an expert is possible. The study

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  • Natural and sustainable

    Based on healthy and natural food, the program wants to improve eating habits sustainably. Current scientific findings form the basis for that.

    Everyone who wants to bring his body into natural balance should use natural food products. Therefore cellRESET is principally based healthy, self-prepared meals and not ready-made products like tinned foods, shakes or muesli bars. Recipes

    Further reason for the usage of natural food products is the aim of cellRESET to improve individual eating habits lastingly. And on the other hand, who wants to feed on shakes and muesli bars for the rest of their life? The food pyramid

    But even the most natural nutrition can cause illness if wrongly dosed or unbalancedly used. Hence the cellRESET concept shows the practicable and easy handling of healthy food. Also the avoidance of unbalanced raw materials (e.g. wheat being overbred or gene manipulated) and strongly processed products (e.g. flour, sugar, salt) are of importance. Environmental influences

    The sustainability of cellRESET is based on:

    • A holistic, scientific foundation
    • The aim to change diet long-term
    • Practical and easy feasibility
    • Consideration of individual life circumstances
    • Motivation and support by the community
    • Healthy eating and having fun
  • Tasty and appealing

    Our database includes over 2.500 tasty daily- and gourmet-recipes. In certain cases the fun should be in the focus and nothing should be resigned upon.

    However positive and beneficial an idea can be, if she is not fun and too complex, she wont establishes herself long-term with most people. Differences to a calorie based diet

    That is why the cellRESET community Request free access offers a big, constantly increasing number of tested, easily realisable and tasty recipes. Everything from simply prepared meals and snack over daily family meals to gourmet dinners, juicy cakes and sweet desserts can be found. Due to the international distribution of cellRESET, the exotic cuisine is not missing out – a wonderful opportunity to start a culinary trip around the world. Recipes

    In short: There is something for every taste and also certain ways of eating such as vegan, gluten- or lactose-free.

    As a human does not only consist of his body, fun and pleasure should not come off badly. Thus restriction-free days are a fixed component of the concept. Therefore nobody has to miss out on something on holidays, during a romantic dinner in a restaurant, the next family celebration or at a party.

    One cup of tea, from time to time a glass of red wine or one piece of dark chocolate are placed in the upper part of the cellRESET “feel good-pyramid” (food pyramid). This increases the attractiveness of the program further and additionally we support our body with important antioxidants and fatty acids. The food pyramid

  • Together and motivated

    With our active community you are never alone: Everyone started once and loves to share his experience with new members. Let the personal success stories motivate you.

    At cellRESET nobody has to be on his own: The program cellRESET became successful upon the numerous enthusiastic recommendations and still keeps on growing. This is also reflected in the huge number of personal reports and pictures, our users provide. User success stories

    Long-term users who enthusiastically like to share their experiences and give valuable advice to others form the basis of our cellRESET community. To further optimally promote this development, but also respect the privacy of everyone, the cellRESET community platform (internal area) was created and is still evolving according to the needs of everyone. Request free access

    The results of others are motivating, questions can be answered and issues solved together. Due to the numerous users there will be at least one person, which might have been in a similar situation and give practical advice for it. The cellRESET community lets everyone benefit from the many positive experiences of other successful users.

    But cellRESET is not only happening online and virtually. Every interested person can visit regular regional meetings, further education or lectures and experience cellRESET and the community in striking distance. Pictures and success stories will become “real” persons with their own story to tell. If you want you can easily find new friends – which has already led to a “cellRESET-holiday” for some members.

  • Practical and individual

    The program is suitable for everyday use, flexible, runs "by the way" and does not require much time. There are special tips for eating out (for example cafeteria), vegans and food intolerance.

    The scientific base of cellRESET is founded in a diet program that was originally designed for space travel. But astronauts and their medical team can focus full time on such matters.

    So the challenge was to implement the nutritional scientific bases in a practicable, elaborate and enjoyable everyday concept: The cellRESET-Metabolic program was born. Report of Prof. Stenseth

    Therefore after the first, relatively strict but also practical 28 days the focus lies on integrating the principles learned to the personal environment in a flexible way and further practicing them. The goal for the subsequent three months is to complete the gentle optimization of the diet, without the feeling to have waived something and showing no significant extra effort compared to the usual diet. The Basics

    It is possible to apply the basics on individual circumstances. cellRESET for instance can also be applied by diabetics, vegans, allergy sufferers, shift workers, the elderly, children, nursing mothers, etc. Advice for personal customization may be found within the manual, articles from our experts and the very experienced cellRESET Community.

Our users rely on the cellRESET concept

- and cellRESET relies on its users. The community is therefore an integral part of the program. The many valuable testimonials are showing very clearly how theoretical considerations can affect life praxis: cellRESET works! The data collected by our members is also considered into a part of the scientific study. User success stories, International Study. The personal success pictures are provided by the users them self and we take no influence on content or quality. Despite the large number of positive reviews, we must point out that these are individual results, which are not transferable to others. Important Information

The experts team of cellRESET

Since cellRESET is based on a nutrition program developed for space travel, it is scientifically very well founded. The original concept was adapted for everyday use and is constantly being developed and reviewed by our experts. Many of them are users themselves and have own personal experiences with cellRESET. (Reporting of Dr. Vogel, Report of Dr. Brückner, Report of Prof. Stenseth)

By international success and the international tertiary study initiated by cellRESET, more and more specialists and general practitioners in catch interest in the cellRESET program. This increases the number of professionals who are in favor of the program continuously. Expert opinions